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Let’s Read, Write and Research

Scholar Nepal is a Digital Journal to encourage reading, researching and writing culture in Nepal. It is the first and only free platform based in Nepal where users can post their blogs, stories, articles, thoughts, poems, and about anything of interest. Scholar Nepal is an open source and open access platform designed to encourage reading and writing habits, and a common place for researchers to find resources related to Nepal.

We believe that everyone has the ability to research and write in their own personal capacity. Authors can be academic and professional researchers in their field, a student conducting project work, a professional writing on their area of expertise, or think-tanks and thought leaders who write commentaries and thought papers. Writers can also be creative minds writing poems, stories, blogs or essays. Scholar Nepal, a digital journal, will enable people to expand their knowledge base and foster their writing and research skills.

Why Scholar Nepal?

Scholar Nepal – Digital Journals – was initiated to create a Nepal-based online publication platform to facilitate and publish written work. Many international resources require paid membership, which becomes difficult and costly for Nepalis to afford. This platform is created to provide information on Nepal as an open source published by the author.

  • Limited information and research work available on Nepal
  • No common platform to find published or archived work
  • International journals require paid membership and is not affordable or accessible to all
  • Create a platform for people to publish their writing

How it Works?

  • Users will register and create their profile and write a new story or enter their previous written work
  • Registered users can find articles from various topic areas, enjoy reading them, use it as part of their research, and write new paper
  • Get insights on number of reactions, comments and views on your published work
  • General users can read any stories published in Scholar Nepal
  • Scholar Nepal will establish partnership with Universities, Journals, Corporations, Government Institutions, INGO’s and NGO’s, Think Tanks, Policy-makers etc. to work in developing this system and republication of any institutional works.

What are the Features?

  • Easy to use interface to write your story
  • Categories in various fields such as Business, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Social Science, Environmental Science, etc.
  • User base will include professors, students, teachers, researchers, professionals, think-tanks, experts, etc.

What does it Cost?

Scholar Nepal is a free to users and is supported by the community through in-kind donation to keep the system and maintenance going. We accept donations from our users that will be used to maintain and upgrade the website and add more amazing features. Any excess funds will be used to conduct training classes and workshops, mostly for students.

Join Us

Scholar Nepal is a community driven project and are looking for support from our valuable community members

  • Academic Institutions: We would welcome partnership and support from academic institutions to have their students to share their writings and also for teachers and parents to share posts on their profession or experiences. Scholar Nepal can also be used as a tool to organize public writing competitions for various categories including essays, stories, poems, etc. For Universities and Colleges, we encourage students and professors to write research papers and reports and provide it through Scholar Nepal to make such academic resources available to our users.
  • Organizations: We welcome partnership and collaboration from organizations to encourage their employees to write and share their experiences including thought papers.  We also strive to be a central resource center in Nepal to avail published reports and newsletters from corporations, INGO’s, government institutions, and organizations in Nepal.  We believe that with access to resources will help build research skills and encourage participatory approach.
  • Think Tanks and Experts: We encourage Think Tanks and Experts to provide posts on topic of their expertise to share knowledge and encourage and stimulate minds of the youth. 
  • Volunteers: Scholar Nepal is also looking for volunteers to drive this project and donors to fund the technical development of the website. We are looking for following volunteers.
    • Web Developers experienced in Frontend design
    • Writers and Bloggers to contribute weekly or monthly
    • Outreach volunteers to contact academic institutions, organizations, users and think tanks to establish partnership and provide content
    • Fundraising volunteers to establish partnerships with organizations, individuals and donor agencies to fund the project development and research and training programs


Kindly connect with us if you have any questions or suggestions. We welcome kind donors to continue funding the development of Scholar Nepal! You can write to us at

Scholar Nepal is a Digital Journal to encourage reading, researching and writing culture in Nepal.