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Kathmandu, Nepal - October 19, 2015 : Nepalese woman selling flowers at a local market in Kathmand

Integrating Women into the Economy

Everyone has a different view on women and career. As I grew up in a family with lots of female members and cousins, most of whom are elder to me, I always respected women and the choices they made. I also have a lot of female friends, most of who I studied Business Administration with, so I know the choices and careers they want to pursue in their life. So I do not have any stereotypes about women.  In fact, I have learned a lot from them, by what they are influenced by, and the different choices they make.

I believe that women are more career-oriented than men. Women prefer to work in an environment where there are lots of possibilities of social interaction like reception, marketing, doctor, nursing, liaison, and so on. In their professional lives, women are more independent and more focused. Maybe that is the reason why their numbers in IT field has gone down recently.

Everyone in this world is influenced by society, men or women. Society shapes human beings in such a way that, people want to have a role and status in life.  Due to this very desire, women have been able to come out from their conservative role of “housewives” and become professionals. Even though we still see men dominating professional environment, women lead and have established some big corporations and businesses recently. On top of that, women celebrity is on the rise everyday, be it in music, movies, TV, or charity.

Obviously women will get married, have children, and will have to take some time off during pregnancy and delivery, and look after the children. But for women these days, looking after the family is not the only concern, but earning a living for the family has even higher meaning. 

In Nepal, there are jobs where only women are encouraged to apply. Some jobs are well suited for women, however, today because of high volume in gender equality, women have started to get bigger piece of the pie. Where ever you go, you hear of equality and women’s right. But what happened to Men’s right. If there is supposed to be gender equality in everything, including work, why is it that only women are encouraged in some cases. Shouldn’t the employee be selected on qualification and experience, rather than on gender? Women have fought for decades for gender equality, and it is guaranteed to them. So there should be equal chance for advancement for both men and women.

It is definitely good and beneficial for the society and economy to have emerging women entrepreneurs and professionals as they bring new skills, ideas, and challenges in the workforce. So it is good to see women being more focused on careers, and still having time to manage their daily lives.

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