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Work from Home Entrepreneurship in 2021.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

We all are aware of the pandemic situation, and with the spread of covid-19, many businesses and offices have started working from home provisions. For many companies around the world the term “work from home” is familiar, but for the country like Nepal, work from home is like a new change and sooner or lately now most of the companies in Nepal are adopting this culture. In this pandemic scenario staying home and working is the best thing to do.

 Along with working from home, starting business from home has grown in popularity over the past decade. Currently, due to covid-19 million of self employed individual have acted upon home business ideas and work regularly from their home.

There are plenty of flexibility and benefit one can enjoy that work from home can offer. In today’s technological world, where technology provides us more flexibility in how and where we work. We can find various way of home based business which required you to convert part of your home into a mini warehouse for product while other can be work completely online.

Virtual Assistance:

Virtual assistance is the person who provides various services and assistance to businesses or entrepreneurs remotely from home offices. If you are an organized person and you are good at assisting then virtual assistance might be the home business idea for you. Wherever an executives reach to the high position in their businesses/offices they have a busy schedule, and in order to manage their call, email and appointment they required a person to assists them, hence that assistance can be you. As, a virtual assistance you would use your phone, email, computer skills, and any number of online tools and applications to handle their online calendars, schedule appointments and meetings, and more.

Social Media Manager:

Social media manager is the person who is the social channels representative of a company. He/she is responsible to enhance the company’s online presence. Today the world of social media has reached to its pick point. Hence social media is the huge platform for every company, business, brand, and public figure to engage their customers, stay relevant, and boost brands awareness. If you are a good content creator, compile campaigns, respond to the comments/customers intelligently and stay on brand. Then social media manager/handling might be the home business idea for you.


Generally animator is a person who makes animated films for production companies, computers games companies and major animation studio. If you are an artist and a creative person with a skill to produce visual and animation effects such as television, movies, video games then animator might be the home business idea for you.


Simply, translator is the person who translates from one language to another, especially as a profession. If you are able to speak and write two or more different languages. And mainly if you can convey the original tone and intent of a message, taking cultural and regional difference between source and target market into consideration, then translator might be the home business idea for you. You can work as a self independent translator or you can work for other organization as a translator.


Basically blogger is a person who writes blog and content for online journal or website. Blogging is like writing anything you like. Such as: beauty, travel, food, music, photography, etc. I personally consider blogging as the most suitable work from home idea, where there is flexibility of working hours, and you can write anything of your choice, you only have to attract as much audience you can and you will start making money.

Virtual Travel Agent:

Working as a virtual travel agent is the easiest and low cost startups that one can work from home. You just need internet connection, computer, a phone, printer and website. You don’t have to meet your client in a person; you just have to make planned route for their journey i.e. their flight plans, reservation for hotels, accommodation and the activities your client are willing to visit.

Life coach:

Due to the hectic schedule and whatever is going with the world right now, people are stressed and depressed. Some people are stressed from relationship issue, work place issue, medical illness issues, and many more. In such condition if an individual got no one to share how they feel they might go to a wrong direction or caused some serious emotional issue. So if you love hearing to people’s problem and help them heal. You can help them through life coach. You can hear them out and help them through calls, video calls and even you can meet them in person.

Graphics Designer:

If you are a qualified and certified graphics designer than it’s the best work from home business for you.  Many companies are looking for someone to look after their own trademarks, visuals or websites advertisements. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for graphic design is bright. It’s a fast growing industry, and jobs are expected to increase by 13 percent by 2021.

Sell Homemade Product:

One of the best works from home idea is selling homemade product. If you are good at something that might be anything just convert your hobby into startup and there you go. You can make and sell anything of your interest for example: Foods, Arts, painting, Crafts, Lips balm and cosmetics, Handmade gifts, Clothings, Jewelry and so on. You just have to create value to your product, make them cost effective, improve the quality of your product and create a targeted demand of your product in the market.

Virtual Teacher:

If   you are a good communicator, presenter with teachable skills, you can turn yourself into a virtual teacher. Giving online classes can not only give you flexibility to work from home but also you can offer live or pre-recorded classes or trainings and you can also choose size and length of your classes. Online classes are the low cost work from home business where you have to invest little of your time.

Above mentioned all the business ideas can be operate from home. But the best work from home idea for you depends upon your interest, goal and talent. Use of technology has made life so much easier. While working from home technology will cover the gap between you and your customer. Before starting any business make sure if this is what you want? Focus on long-term. Think about your interest, your passion, your goal and your motivation. Most importantly what makes you happy. And what you enjoy doing.


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