First Friday Talk: Organized Retail in Nepal


Author Sumati Shakya Publish date : 12th November 2021


First Friday Talk: Organized Retail in Nepal

 The Startup & Innovation Committee of FNCCI presents First Friday Talk, an action oriented learning program for entrepreneurs, hosted every First Friday of the Nepali month at the FNCCI's Auditorium Hall in Teku, Kathmandu.
 ‘Standard Charted’ is the Official Bank and ‘Renault’ is the Official Car of this program, catering to entrepreneurs from different sectors of business.
 For this edition, we are hosting  Shashwat Dhakal who is the Managing Director and CEO at Mega Mart Pvt. Ltd. (operator of the Bigmart chain of supermarkets). Under his leadership, Big Mart has grown to 61 stores and is well on the way to achieving the company mission i.e. to bring world class super marketing to Nepalese neighborhoods.
  Shashwat, at First Friday talk will be sharing insights on the retails business of Nepal, the future of retailing in Nepal with organized retail taking a lead and highlighting the high journey of building Nepal’s largest and iconic organized retail business, Bigmart. This first Friday's program is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners across different industries who are looking to learn about the retail industry in Nepal and grow their retail businesses in an organized manner.
 Taking COVID-19 precautionary measures into account, we are only hosting a limited number of participants at our venue, while later streaming the program online for beneficiaries at large. 


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