Why Hate Cats?


Author Angella Dolma Lama Publish date : 28th July 2020


Why Hate Cats?

Me who has no idea what to write and having no inspiration, I decided
why not write an article about cats?
I know many people don’t like cats and love dogs and I get it, dogs help
relieve stress, help with catching criminals and show affection towards
you and blah bla blah bla but cats improve our lives every day too just
like dogs.
Just because some movies make the cat the villain is not a reason to
hate cats. I mean cats are like humans too. I mean maybe the reason
they don’t show affection towards you is because they don’t like you,
not because they can’t feel love. If you think about it, cats are as
lovable as dogs.

I have many friends who hate cats but I am pretty sure if I asked why,
they would say something dumb. I mean I am confident that they have
NEVER EVER pet or cuddled up with a cat before.

Cats show affection towards it’s just that… they show their love in a
“different” way. Cats are very funny and very protective and loving of
their owners. You would be surprised to see like thousands and
thousands of news and videos on YouTube about cats saving toddlers
and dogs and etc.
Cats have unique little things about them like: they can’t taste anything
sweet or cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping or that a house cat is
genetically 95.6% tiger or that cats can jump 5 times their length.
The point is cats are as adorable, funny, protective and loving as dogs.


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