Best WordPress Plugins for 2020

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Author Gonika Bista Publish date : 31st August 2020


Best WordPress Plugins for 2020

Are you seeking out for the finest WordPress plugins to begin a blog? When you’re beginning a web journal, it can be overpowering to see thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins out there. You must be pondering which one to install? Here, I am sharing with you the list of 2020 best plugins for WordPress which you ought to introduce for the responsive web journal page with the site.

But before that why not we have a little idea about what actually the plugin is?


Plugin is a module or a software that is installed to expand your wordpress sites. They are made to enhance your website, developed by volunteers which are usually free. Plugin usually expands the features which help you to create an eye catching website. There are thousands of free plugins which you can install if you are not planning for a premium version. These free plugins are found easily at the official wordpress plugin directory. 

Then how does it really work?

When you install such a plugin it will register in the wordpress database which can be disable and enabled as per your need. And whenever one visits his/her site the wordpress database automatically loads the active plugin.  

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which can be used by anyone. Starting from the beginner to professional website designers. To create a website and fully customize it one should install a plugin which will help a user to act efficiently. The top 5 best plugin to install in your wordpress site 2020 are listed below:

  1. WPForms

WPForms are the user friendly plugin which will help its user to create contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, survey, and basically all types of online forms within one or two clicks. It integrates with all popular marketing and payment platforms with the added option to create a user registration form and a login page. 

It has free and premium both versions available in need. Free versions are made for those looking for a simple and easy solution whereas premium versions are for those who are seriously looking to grow their business. 

  1. Backup and Security

In today’s world where technology has achieved its greatest height. The security purpose is high in demand. But before that let’s talk about the Backup plugin which will help you to backup all your data in case you lose your data or your site has been hacked. 

The best backup plugin is Updraftplus which is the most trusted plugin. It’s free and easy to use and one can schedule it as per their need and develop a package. When it comes to restoring it, it’s super easy and straightforward. One must try this Updraftplus plugin because it’s a number one backup plugin you can find. 

Coming towards the security purpose, you make sure you are running a SSL certificate on your website. You can find it for free and it is provided by the different hosting companies.

I personally recommend you the SiteGround hosting company where you can get a SSL certificate for free and do not forget to configure your website to know it uses correctly. 

Wondering how to know if it is used correctly? 

Just go to your address bar and if you see a nice padlock over there then its a safe and secure website which your visitor feels safe spending time on. And if you have a rigid occurrence from your hosting I recommend you to plugin Really Simple SSL into your website which will make sure your sites are running SSL version because it is most needed when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  

  1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the number one Search Engine Optimization plugin which will help you to increase your website’s traffic using top SEO practices. It will help you to add meta tags, sitemaps and also helps you to connect your site on Google Search Console. 

Yoast SEO is efficient and functional which are available for both free and premium versions. Installing these  plugins help you in each and every manner of your site for searchability.  

  1. Jetpack

This plugin is originally created by the wordpress sites for It is now available as self-hosted wordpress sites.This plugin is all in one solution for social media sharing, statistics for sites and for SEO.

This plugin is available in a free and premium version where a user can easily activate and customize their Jetpack from the wordpress plugin directory.   

  1. Smush

It is an image optimization plugin which is available both for free and premium version with a little bit of difference in facility. Smush works wonders to optimize the upload images in your site compress it without sacrificing the quality of the image you uploaded.

It is the best plugin for those who do not  have any idea about photoshop. No worries, because this plugin works for you.

This Smush plugin not only resizes and compresses your image it will also help you directly work on your page speed and make sure your site loads faster.

In conclusion, we have shared the best plugin which you should install free or premium to make sure your sites are running smoothly. Where there are these quality and trusted plugins available to help you for free and start your journey as a blogger or web designer with wordpress sites. 

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