Business Ideas in Nepal with Low Investment


Author Sadikshya Sadula Publish date : 25th September 2020


Business Ideas in Nepal with Low Investment

“Great ventures start from small beginnings, and that includes your small business.”

Richard Branson

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two equally important and essential ingredients in building a successful commercial venture. The ways in which these two ingredient or fuel enterprises are something our faculty never stop exploring. Entrepreneurship is the field of business in doing something new and something different for the purpose of creating wealth for the individual and adding value to society. Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in sustainable economic development of our nation. As we know Nepal is a developing country, small business is the backbone of Nepalese economy. In Nepal we can see mass scale of industries such as carpet, garments, and other handicraft products are stated setting up their own business with less capital and gradually get popularity with their services. 

To start a small business in Nepal, it requires business ideas, creativeness, hard work, patience, and passion. So most of the people here wants to start their own business and wants to become a perfect entrepreneur but they lack the knowledge and the way to start the business. Most of the entrepreneurial ventures in Nepal are started as small business with low investments. So we can start small business in Nepal with low investment, which will easily make your living up to the market.

Nepal has high potential for innovative ideas. The problems here can be taken as opportunity and can start the business. It’s not necessary that we have to think outside the box or blue sky. Creating the opportunities from the problem and noticing the good ideas can make a long way. Modifying the available resources and manpower can also help in making benefit. 15 businesses with low investment are given below

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Travel agency
  3. Online shopping/e-commerce
  4. Online bakery shop/online delivery
  5. Blogging
  6. Vlogging
  7. YouTube channel
  8. Videography
  9. Photography
  10. Business consultant
  11. Real Estate
  12. Online training
  13. Software Reseller
  14. Maintenance service
  15. Business directory

Digital marketing

In Nepal Digital management and marketing is in the transitional phase. Every business organization is overwhelming with digital platform and internet. The global world has already adapted the digital platform but Nepal being a developing country is in the process of adapting the digital platform and online works. But some are still unaware about this opportunity and possibility of this digital platform. But slowly it is growing bigger as a large number of businesses are using digital platforms. With new innovations in technology, digital platforms have changed a lot. In the current scenario, there are three major ways in which people connect with each other:  Connectivity, Authenticity and Style. Digital marketing in Nepal allows you to create content, provide valuable information to audiences and create brand awareness. With the new innovations and avenues of digital business in Nepal has created vast opportunities in the field of digital business.

Travel Agency

Travel agency is also a small business which can be started with low investment. The main function of this agency is to make package and provide all the attraction amenities, accesses, ancillary services to the tourists. This agency promotes tourism and also play crucial role in developing and promoting tourism in Nepal. Travel agency sell inclusive tours, holiday, makes perfect arrangements of travel ticket (road, air, rail, and sea), travel documents (visa, passports, and other essential required documents), entertainment, accommodation, car rentals, attraction tickets and insurance to the public. It has grown bigger and has been considered one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in Nepal. A person with required knowledge of travel can run this business.

Online shopping/E-commerce

In past few years, technology has changed the way how people work, how they acquire knowledge and how they shop. Due to the rapid change in technology people change their shopping pattern from traditional to online shopping. Internet has become a vehicle for this method. People can visit the website can look the things what they want to buy. Moreover, due to the covid-19 people are afraid to visit shop and buy what they want. Online shopping makes it possible and easier for the people to buy and get what they need. It reduces the physical burden and can also save time. It doesn’t need much effort and investment to start this business. In Nepal there are some online shopping companies such as Daraz, Sastodeal, Muncha, Meroshopping, and many more, which are being able to generate some real value in their business. It has been one of the top preferred choices to the people.


In these recent days, people are interested in watching videos rather than reading blogs. Vlogging has been more popular among youths in which people record both audio and video delivers information that any particular websites intended to introduce. It has been a good platform for those people who want to explore various places, make videos related to various topics and can earn by presenting various videos. They can also make money from video production and can also professionalize their organization/industry. It is also one of the businesses which can be started with very low investment.

Maintenance service

The growth and success of every business depends on how it is maintained or serviced. For the good state of every product, it needs to be serviced and need to be maintained time to time. People only trust to those service which gives quality, authentic and reliable service. It includes maintenance of property and maintenance of building, brickwork, drainage, plumbing, roofing, plastering, painting, decorating, ground working, flooring, clearing, property boarding and many more.

There are various places which need to be maintained. It is one of the small businesses with low investment which can be started by anyone and can make a good earning.

YouTube channel

YouTube channel is an easy startup which can be started easily by entrepreneurs with low investment. It is an easy platform to make money easily. Here people can create their independent channel and can upload their content in those channel. People can make video related to cooking, dancing, visiting new places, programming, writing, playing a musical instrument, singing, drawing, and many more where people find it interesting and able to attract other attention. The popularity of channel with more views, shares and subscribers the YouTube can make more money. So, it is one of the easy startup for any people.


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