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Scholar Nepal is a community driven project and are looking for support from our valuable community members

We welcome and encourage individuals to register as our user, write new posts, share posts via social media and react to other users posts to continue encouraging them and building reading and writing habits in Nepal. We encourage broad range of topics and creativity. 

We would welcome partnership and support from academic institutions to have their students to share their writings and also for teachers and parents to share posts on their profession or experiences. 

Scholar Nepal can also be used as a tool to organize public writing competitions for various categories including essays, stories, poems, etc. 

For Universities and Colleges, we encourage students and professors to write research papers and reports and provide it through Scholar Nepal to make such academic resources available to our users. 

We welcome partnership and collaboration from organizations to encourage their employees to write and share their experiences including thought papers. 

We also strive to be a central resource center in Nepal to avail published reports and newsletters from corporations, INGO’s, government institutions, and organizations in Nepal. 

We believe that with access to resources will help build research skills and encourage participatory approach. 

We encourage Think Tanks and Experts to provide posts on topic of their expertise to share knowledge and encourage and stimulate minds of the youth. 

Scholar Nepal is also looking for volunteers to drive this project and donors to fund the technical development of the website. We are looking for following volunteers.

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Scholar Nepal is a Digital Journal to encourage reading, researching and writing culture in Nepal.