Our Story

Scholar Nepal is a Digital Journal to encourage reading, researching and writing culture in Nepal. It is the first and only free platform based in Nepal where users can post their blogs, stories, articles, thoughts, poems, and anything of interest. Scholar Nepal is an open-source and open-access platform designed to encourage reading and writing habits, and a commonplace for researchers to find resources related to Nepal.


As a student, researcher, and educator, it is challenging to find and access relevant academic literature in the context of Nepal. Though the number of research projects are high in Nepal including academic articles, dissertation, thesis, and reports, the collections are scattered and not well maintained. To enable dissemination of academic literature and reports in Nepal, Scholar Nepal was created. The main objectives of Scholar Nepal are to:

  • Provide a central digital repository of academic literature in Nepal
  • Enable researchers and academicians to share their work with a larger audience
  • Open access tool for students and researchers to find literature to support their research
  • A place to create a portfolio of literary works

Scholar Nepal is an open access digital repository system where scholastic journals, research papers, and reports are available to all users. It is a digital journal providing a common platform to publish and share your paper. With easy availability and accessibility to literary works in Nepal, Scholar Nepal aims to make an impact in academic works, encourage new research, and make access to literature easy and free. 

Scholar Nepal, is an open access and community supported digital platform to elevate research and academic writing in Nepal. We believe that everyone has the ability to research and write in their own personal capacity. Authors can be academic and professional researchers in their field, a student conducting project work, a professional writing on their area of expertise of business, or think-tanks and thought leaders who write commentaries and thought papers. Scholar Nepal will enable people to expand their knowledge base and foster their writing and research skills.

Why Scholar Nepal?

Scholar Nepal was initiated to create solutions for academicians, researchers, and students to overcome barriers to access to literature in Nepal. Scholar Nepal is a free platform where researchers can publish or upload their work. By building a digital repository of academic literature in Nepal, future researchers can easily access the knowledge and further contribute to the research field in Nepal. 

  • Limited information and research work available on Nepal
  • No common platform to find published or archived work
  • International journals require paid membership and is not affordable or accessible to all
  • Create a platform for people to publish their writing

How it Works?

Scholar Nepal offers its members three key solutions, 

  1. Write and publish your paper,
  2. Upload your existing paper, and
  3. Find relevant literature for new research.

Upon registering as a community member of Scholar Nepal, users can access all resources absolutely free. Member can go to their profile dashboard to upload a paper or create new post. Scholar Nepal is community supported and our community members provide the content. 

What are the Features?

  • Easy to use interface to upload your PDF file and provide information required for reference.
  • Create new post to type your paper, essay, poems, articles, etc.
  • Categories in various fields such as Business, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Social Science, Environmental Science, etc.
  • User base of professors, students, teachers, researchers, academicians, professionals, think-tanks, experts, etc.
  • Central digital platform for research articles, papers, dissertation, thesis, books, etc.
  • Free, Open Access, and Community Supported

Community Supported

Scholar Nepal is a social enterprise to provide open access to literature in Nepal to bolster academic writing and research skills and impact in Nepal. 

We actively network and engage with students, academicians, researchers, institutions, and organizations to join our platform and contribute their work. 

We seek and accept donations from our users for maintenance, update and security of our website and add more amazing features. Any excess funds will be used to conduct training classes and workshops, mostly for students, and fund student research initiatives. 

Connect with Scholar Nepal

We would love to connect with our community members and supporters. You can reach us at [email protected] or call 9851165997 for any collaboration, partnership, and support.